Our portfolio of technologies allows Fashion Companies to improve their business using the most advanced technological tools
to create a deep connection with the customer.

Discover your fashionDiscover your fashion

Dresscovery is a smartphone app that allows to identify a the fashion you like just by using a picture.

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Take a pictureTake a picture

The user takes a picture from a smartphone (Android or iPhone), a website or Facebook.

Select the itemSelect the item

Using your finger, select the garment or accessory you want to analyze.

Discover your fashionDiscover your fashion

Our recognition system lets you obtain the item instantaneously and find similar clothes.


Samsamia is a new communication channel that allows fashion brands to reach their customers in a direct and intelligent way. We created a visual search engine of fashion items that allows to find the item the customer actually desires using just a picture. Also, we are able to estimate the sales volume of a specific fashion item and anticipate fashion trends by knowing the customer’s future desires.

Our services are aimed at companies in the fashion world. We provide ad-hoc solutions to fit the needs of our clients. Our technology is really an amazing revolution in the way the fashion brand connect with the customer. In Samsamia, we put together fashion and science.
Our visual search engine, #FashionRecognition, is able to recognize a garment in a picture and find garments with similar appearance. This garments found by the customers, are going to be offered and promoted by the fashion brands clients of Samsamia, creating a communication channel between the customers, that finds what they desire, and the fashion brand, that offers it.
Using machine learning methods and data obtained by our system of #FashionRecognition, we created a system that allows to predict the fashion, #VisualFashionPrediction. We are able to predict the acceptance that a product will have in a specific zone, using visual features and not only sales information. To do that, our system takes into account the number of visualizations of every garment, its geolocation, and visual features like shape, color, texture and kind of garment.

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